IWC Workbook Search Help

- Javascript should be enabled, from the year 2006 onwards the pages are in PFD, earlier years work with Internet Explorer 9 only.
- Currently updating the code to include other browsers as well (1994 & 1995/96 are done as per 25/01/2015).
- A search is best performed if you know the IWC reference no. such as "3714" for the "Portuguese Chrono Automatic".
- A search with names or a part of a name such as "Portuguese", "Chrono" and "Automatic" is also possible.
- All active reference numbers can be found here.
- Specific model no.'s like "371402" for the RG Portuguese with silvered dial are not active; specific model no.'s can be found on the Workbook pages.
- The editions of the active uploaded Workbooks are found the bottom of the start screen, please keep this in mind when searching for a watch.
- Please click here to go to Greg Steer's great catalogue/reference page if you don't know in which year an IWC reference no. was placed in the catalogue.
- The minimum required amount of characters for a search is 3.
- A search with wildcards, for example "Port%", does not work.
- The "movie" in the upper-left corner of the screen requires the "Adobe Flash Player", a free download can be found here.

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